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About our services

We are specialised in websites and data driven web applications.

We share a passion for simplicity and openness – following our value of “Honesty and Integrity”, our solutions are based  on an open architecture. We will always strive to set our customers in the best possible situation, allowing them to choose their future path with as few dependencies as possible (i.e. choosing other vendors/technology without loosing everything etc.).

We use standard open source technologies, and do our best to follow ‘best practices’ in all our efforts.

We are servicing a broad range of customers, from websites for small therapists and craftsmen of all sorts – to large organisations that works with huge amount of complicated data.


We create all sorts of websites, from the small single-paged to the big-and-complicated site with customised functions.

We have specialised in off-the-shelve CMS solutions like WordPress and Joomla. And develop happily from scratch, using common technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and others. Responsive design for mobile platforms comes natural for us. As does the use of common frameworks, such as Bootstrap.


Data processing

We provide the full range; the collection of data, the tools for processing it, and the platform for displaying it. We fell in love with the SVG format and its ability to dynamically visualize mutable data. Combined with customized data collection tools, and our own engine for data processing, we have created a full-range package for our customers in need of handling and displaying data.


Corporate Identity

With long experience, and a skilful eye for the details, the graphic people in Cartouche can create a complete Identity for your organization. Ranging from letterheads and business cards to websites and social platforms – we ensure that your graphic identity are coherent over all media platforms.


Business Development

We are highly qualified and experienced in Organisational and Business Development. We have assisted some of the biggest organisations in Denmark in organizational development and business improvement.

  • Sales process optimisation
  • Statistical Metadata Definition