Honesty and integrity

Corporative Values

Honesty and integrity

We strive in all relationships to be honest and fair, be they suppliers, customers, partners, etc.


We strive to constantly increase our knowledge of all aspects of the entire value chain, both in regards to the elements that we carry as well as elements of the value chain from both suppliers, customers and partners.

Change the route when feasible

We strive to be non-religious when it comes to the choice of technology. And we strive to stay open to the possibility that we have chosen the wrong route and change direction when it becomes obvious to be more feasible to choose another technology or architecture. We make errors and correct them.


We want to establish a sincere cooperation with our customers, our suppliers and our partners. We believe in long-term relations, which are not about making a quick deal. We therefore want to constantly develop our products and services in dialogue with customers – co-create – with an eye for adding value to our customers businesses.


We strive to continuously align the product and the expectations to what we actually can deliver, and to actually deliver what the customers expect. We believe that “quality” is to live up to the expectations aligned with the customer.

Make a living

It should be no secret that the Cartouche is also about business. We do business for living. The concern for profit is not above other values​​ but on the other hand, there must also be – in the short or long term – a business in the things we do. Otherwise, our business will not be viable.

Organisational Value


We pay equal for same effort regardless of gender, age, education etc. We share the profit.


We are flexible to working hours, location of work, family needs and orther special needs in the broadest sense. We expect the same flexibility from our employees.


Our organisation is based on democracy and a “flat” organisational structure. People are not “right” because they are the boss; people are right when they can convince everybody else they are right. To a large extend the one doing the job is the boss.

No taylorism

No taylorism, no scientific management, no stop watches, no timesheets. Work is not slavery. Work should be the joy of creating stunning solutions making the customers happy. We do not measure your time as such but your effort and contributions.

Social Values

Human & Civil Rights

We are openly in favor of people, organisations and political parties working for human and civil rights and democracy, fighting sexual offence and abuse, discrimination due to gender, sexual habits, religion, etnical origin and injustice.


We share the values and goals of organisations and polical parties fighting economic and social inequality, fighting powerty and working for equal access to work, education, health services as public available services and opportunities.


We like people being different and living in different ways. Social equality is not about making people all the same but about setting people free.


We only have one planet and one life; therefore we are in favor of and support organisations and individuals fighting climate change and polution in the broadest sense.


We are in favor of and support organisations and individuals working on improrving health for the full population on the planet on a non-profit basis. Health should not be a business for making a huge profit.