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About Section

The basic idea is to run a company based on strong values both in regards to corporate values but also organisational and social values.
A company that can sustain us (the staff) in our daily living, while contributing to the world as well.
We are passionate about our work, put great interest into details, and – above all – we cherish the fun of working with what we love!
Our values are integrated into everything we do – which in turn creates a great working environment, as well as good and close relations to our customers.

Services Section

We share a passion for simplicity and openness – following our value of “Honesty and Integrity”, our solutions are based on an open architecture. We will always strive to set our customers in the best possible situation, allowing them to choose their future path with as few dependencies as possible (i.e. choosing other vendors/technology without loosing everything etc.). We use standard open source technologies, and do our best to follow ‘best practices’ in all our efforts.
We are servicing a broad range of customers, from websites for small therapists and craftsmen of all sorts – to large organisations that works with huge amount of complicated data.

Contact Section

We would love to tell you about our work, and how we can contribute to your business.