Cartouche S.M.B.A. is a Danish company founded in 2012 as an employee owned private limited (S.M.B.A.) as the offspring of “IT-Kollektivet” (“The IT Collective”).

The basic idea is to run a company based on strong values both in regards to corporate values but also organisational and social values. Our values are integrated into everything we do, which in turn creates a great working environment, as well as good and close relationships with our customers.

Besides the permanent staff, Cartouche has a wide professional network of highly skilled and qualified individuals and partners to be engaged from job to job when required.

Cartouche S.M.B.A.
Kirkevej 3
4450 Jyderup
CVR: 3471 2352
Email: contact@cartouche.dk
Tel: +45 27 64 44 98