Bootstrap CMS Coming soon

Ultra lightweight CMS authoring tool for typically small sites with up to 10-20 pages.

Based on Bootstrap XML the Bootstrap CMS ads the PHP, Javascripts and other components to setup a ligtning fast lightweight CMS.

The tool includes:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • XSL
  • .htaccess

XML Schema Resolver Coming sooner

The tool takes a collection of interrelated XML Schema files and resolves everything into one file by basically denormalizing everything from simpleTypes and complexTypes to global elements, attributes and groups.

First step is to denormalise each namespace retaining the XSD fileformat. Second step is to denormalise across namespaces into one file with all information.

The tool has two output formats:

  • One resolved XSD for each namespace
  • One proprietary file comprising all information from all namespaces